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Special Service's Office-Inclusion Department

Mrs. Green
Andrea Green
Inclusion Team Leader
Mrs. Napolin
Katie Napolin
Inclusion Scheduling Coordinator
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9th Grade Learning Support

Valerie Davis - [email protected]

Supports - ELA and Physical Science


Courtney Dooley - [email protected]

Supports - Integrated Math 1 and 2 and Global Studies


Debbie Mirto - [email protected]

Supports - Technical Career Exploratory and Health


Isabella Funk - [email protected]

Supports - Integrated Math 1 and ELA

10th Grade Learning Support

Jennifer Rodgers - [email protected]

Supports - ELA and Economics


Megan Hackett - [email protected]

Supports - Biology and Integrated Math 2 and 3


Taylor Jackson - [email protected]

Supports - Economics and career areas

11th Grade Learning Support

Sally Hines - [email protected]

Supports - Integrated Math 3 and Statistics/Precalculus and Integrated Science


John Wilson - [email protected]

Supports - ELA and US History


Jacky Dimascio - [email protected]

Supports - Statistics/Precalculus/Calculus and Chemistry/Physics


Hilary Rickner - [email protected]

Supports - ELA and Contemporary Citizenship/Intro to Sociology/World History


Taylor Jackson - [email protected]

Supports - Senior Math