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Our St. Georges Tech staff focuses on providing students an equitable opportunity to become independent, responsible learners capable of inquiry, thinking critically, problem-solving, and transferring their knowledge and skills to real-world challenges. As a result, our students will graduate fully prepared for diverse post-secondary opportunities.
Our philosophy of EQUITY means that each person "gets what they need" to succeed. By integrating the 5 Equity Levels needed to foster a self-actualized student body, we are cultivating students who are engaged and inspired to learn. Below are our 5 strategic objectives and activities that St. Georges Tech focuses on to achieve EQUITY.
Physical Integration: Efforts are made to promote students respecting and interacting with others from different backgrounds. We ensure diversity exists in all learning environments.
Social-Emotional Engagement: The needs of our students are adequately supported in the school, from prosocial skills development to responsiveness to trauma. Our discipline plans are restorative rather than punitive. 
Opportunity to Learn: Teachers have high expectations for all students. Core values are developed and valued at St. Georges Tech. 
Instructional Excellence: Our school wide focus is on transparent and transferrable writing. Teachers notice student's individual instructional needs and have systems to differentiate as needed. 
Engaged and Inspired Learners: Students are engaged in a wide range of leadership activities within the school. Student aspirations are fostered. 
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what have we doneTrauma Awareness Team: Provided professional learning activities to our staff including ACES, Brain Architecture Activity, Broken Places Documentary and Discussion
Wellness and Care Team: Mindfulness/Meditation, A New Lens on Life, Healthy Cooking, Laugh Therapy
Restorative Practice Team: Communication Strategies as an Intervention
Instructional Excellence: Writing to learning and learning to write. Develop explicit goals. 
Opportunities to Learn: Students and parents were exposed to our Core Values
Engaged and Inspired Learners: Students received training on being a servant leader. 
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missionWho are the supporters of our mission? 

  • The Howard Group

*Provide training and guidance to the St. Georges Tech staff  needed to increase our knowledge, shift our thinking, and elevate our understanding of racial equity. 

  • Delaware State University

*Participants will become familiar with and utilize norms and skills that help them get more comfortable in discomfort of emotionally charged and challenging conversations that come with the territory of equity focused conversations


*Participants will explore: the historical context of racism in educational systems; concepts such as implicit and explicit bias, color-blindness and microaggressions; strategies to manage bias-based beliefs and behaviors

*Participants will identify strategies for healing the wounds of racial trauma in African American youth, in particular, and others in a school based setting; discuss criminalization and adultification of African American youth

*Participants will use an equity-based lens to define anti-racism and take personal steps to becoming more than “not racist” but an active force of change in schools

*Participants will learn how to facilitate a meeting that “keeps equity on the table” by skillfully navigating group dynamics and coaching others to do the same.

  • University of Delaware

*DASL will analyze and provide feedback on data reports, co-facilitate professional learning sessions with the Equity Team (as needed), provide written and verbal feedback on the Equity Action Plan and assist in locating resources to support the work on Equity.

  • Diversity and Equity Coordinator: Tairen McCollister, MA, M.Ed.

*Lead and facilitate school professional development focusing on equity and inclusion.

*Provide support to staff and district on diversity and equity work. Work collaboratively with DDEC and district officials to set goals and develop and implement DEI strategic plan.

*Candidate in the Cornell University Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program.

  • LoriLSpeaks!: Lori Hayes, NCCVT Student Equity Task Force Facilitator

*Leadership and advocacy training for student diversity/equity task force

*Collaborates with FaM student group and district FaM advisors to create actionable plans and events

  • FaM “Forever a Movement” Student Diversity Task Force Group

*Communicate with school level SDEC and DEI admin

*Supervise FaM events.

  • FaM Advisors, Ashley Jackson & Ronney Bythwood

*Create and implement events, programs, affinity groups through collaborative efforts and planning with FaM advisors and LoriLSpeaks!

*Example events: HBCU Event, Black Business Expo, Ladies Night “Women of NCCVT Panel Discussion”

  • St. Georges Professional Development Team/Staff: 

*Participating in Builders Lab 360° training to develop and implement school vision and mission, as well as developing staff PLCs focused on implementation.

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