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Staff Directory

Kozar, Victor Athletic Health Care [email protected]
Hill, James Automotive Technology [email protected]
Espadas, Danya Biotechnology [email protected]
Mauger, Russell Biotechnology [email protected]
Thorngate, David Carpentry [email protected]
Eklund, Diane Career Exploratory, 9th Grade [email protected]
Burnett, Neena Career Exploratory, 9th Grade [email protected]
Rouser, Jerry Career Exploratory, 9th Grade [email protected]
Freeman, Ralph Culinary Arts [email protected]
Lattomus, David Culinary Arts [email protected]
Bowe, Nicole Early Childhood [email protected]
Klinefelter, Mike Electrical Trades [email protected]
Immediato, Jennifer Emergency Medical Services [email protected]
Hoard, Jason H.V.A.C [email protected]
McCloskey, Mary Health Information Technology [email protected]
Ginyard, Vonkendrick Information Technology [email protected]
Drennan, Amy Medical Assisting [email protected]
Cunningham, Martha Nurse Technology [email protected]
Flood-Stinson, Tammy Nurse Technology [email protected]
Cochran, Jonathan Plumbing [email protected]
Ross, Bryan Technical Drafting [email protected]
Czachorowski, Jackie Web & Print [email protected]
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Pellegrini, Nate [email protected]
Green, John [email protected]
Alexander, Morgan [email protected]
Conard, Gin [email protected]
Culver, Ry [email protected]
Doudna, Heather [email protected]
Kudlick, Beth [email protected]
McCollister, Tairen [email protected]
Mitchell, Anna [email protected]
Robinson, Sarah [email protected]
Cullin, James [email protected]
DeChants, Brian [email protected]
Kelly, Jennifer [email protected]
Lang, Kat [email protected]
Myers, Mackenzie
Mulrooney, Christine
Rickner, Josh [email protected]
Stark, Kevin [email protected]
Tuson, Debbie [email protected]
Wright, Chris [email protected]
Mills, Bonnie [email protected]
Bloch, Jessica [email protected]
Kelleher, Dan [email protected]
Robinson, Mark [email protected]
Biddle, Sarah [email protected]
Cohen, Monica [email protected]
Diodati, Allison [email protected]
Ferrell, Robert [email protected]
Pecorella, Matt [email protected]
Seymour, Barry [email protected]
Snyder, Liz [email protected]
Whitenight, Carlyn [email protected]
Bell, Jessica [email protected]
Clarke, Christopher [email protected]
Erdosy, Mark [email protected]
Janssen, Jennifer [email protected]
Lombardozzi, Patrick [email protected]
Rodgers, Jeff [email protected]
Steward, Ashley [email protected]
DiBuono, Nicole [email protected]
Mancini, Erik [email protected]
Mancini, Frances [email protected]
Quinlan, Alissa [email protected]
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