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School Safety

St. Georges Technical High School uses the State of Delaware Comprehensive School Emergency Planning Model as its guide for all four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. St. Georges Technical High School has specific procedures that promote the safety and welfare of students, protect school property, and regulate the operation of the school during an emergency. These procedures are outlined in the Crisis Response Guidebook assigned to each classroom. Furthermore, Crisis Response Committee meetings are held regularly throughout the school year. The committee provides input and feedback on safety and security issues to further prepare us for any emergency that may arise. Members of the Crisis Response Committee include the Assistant Principal responsible for Crisis Response, School Nurse, School Resource Officer, and the Zone Captains. We understand the importance of keeping our students and staff safe in an emergency situation.

            The actions taken during an emergency depend on the specific circumstances of the incident. For example, an evacuation, shelter-in-place, lockdown, or reverse evacuation may be implemented according to the threat encountered. The primary objective in any emergency is the protection of the students and staff members. The secondary objective in any emergency is the preservation of facilities and resources. To protect our students, St. Georges has fire drills once a month, lockdown drills once a semester, and other activities and trainings for staff members such as tabletop exercises and other training sessions co-facilitated by the Delaware State Police.

            St. Georges has security measures designed to keep students and staff safe. For instance, doors are locked throughout the school day while allowing visitors to enter the building through the main office. Visitors are required to show identification and sign-in at the main office. St. George has a member of the Delaware State Police that serves as our School Resource Officer responsible for establishing and maintaining a close partnership with students and staff members in order to provide for a safe school environment. The school resource office provides a police presence during the school day and is accessible to administration, staff, and students. The primary objective of St. Georges is providing our students with a quality education to prepare them for success beyond high school. Our staff members realize that school safety and security is essential to creating an environment where students feel comfortable to learn and grow.