Black History Month Highlights

We wanted to share some highlights of the incredible events that our Hawk community put on throughout the month of February. 

We had various students and teachers volunteer to dress up as influential black heroes in our Living Wax Museum. Students had the opportunity to tour the living wax museum during their lunches and interact with the people and hear their stories. Check out these photos of who some of our Hawks chose to portray. 

wax  wax wax

Hawks could volunteer to participate in our Show for the Culture and exhibit music, dance, singing, poetry, and fashion. This event could not have taken place without the leadership of Ashley Jackson and Hilary Rickner taking charge with our Leading Ladies.

Here are some photos from the event: 

culture  culture    culture  culture  culture  culture  culture  culture    culture  culture  culture  culture
culture  culture  culture  culture

We finished off the monthly celebration with a door decorating competition. Thanks to all of the classes who participated. Here are some of our favorites: 

door  door  door  door  door  door                                door