Congratulations to the St. Georges Tech Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to our St. Georges Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Drennan, Medical Assisting Instructor. Mrs. Drennan has made a significant and positive impact on her students through her dedication, understanding, and supportive nature. The testimonies of her students and peers highlight her exceptional teaching skills, her ability to create a welcoming and family-like classroom environment, and her readiness to offer guidance and support both academically and personally. Mrs. Drennan exemplifies the qualities of a teacher who not only educates but also cares deeply for the well-being and success of her students. The appreciation and admiration expressed by her students underscore her deservingness of the Teacher of the Year award. This award reflects her invaluable contribution to her students' lives, making her not just a teacher but a mentor, a confidante, and a figure of empathy and support. Congratulations, Mrs. Drennan, on becoming St. Georges Technical High School Teacher of the Year!