Kick Off To 2023-2024 School Year

We are starting off the school year with a staggered start where each grade level will report to school 1 day. Each class will kick the day off with a free grade level breakfast in the cafeteria. All grades will have a class meeting in the lecture to get acquainted with expectations for the school year, and then participate in team building activities. Students will have all 8 class periods shortened for the first day to meet their teachers, get their class syllabi, and learn expectations for each of their courses. 
The first day of school, each grade level will eat lunch all together. Make sure to ask your 5th period teacher what lunch period they have, that is when you will be eating lunch for the remainer of the 1st semester. You can view the normal day bell schedule HERE to view various lunch times. 
Here is a look at the daily schedule: 


We look forward to seeing you!