Social Emotional Learning Spirit Week

March 10th is National SEL Day and we promoting the importance of social emotional learning by hosting a Spirit Week.

We are focusing on these essential skills:

Self-Awareness—My recognition of who I am, what I need and how I feel relative to the world around me.
Self-Management—My ability to manage my emotions and behaviors, to complete a task or succeed in a challenging situation.
Social Awareness—My demonstration of consideration for others and a desire to positively contribute to my community.
Relationship Skills—My ability to use positive communication and social skills to interact effectively with others.
Decision Making—My approach to problem solving that involves learning from others, from past experiences and using my values to guide my action and accepting responsibility for my decisions.

Get involved and participate with us!

Please note that Friday, March 10th is an asynchronous day for all Hawks. Hawks will log in remotely to complete attendance and independent work for the day.

At St. Georges Tech our goal is to educate the whole student. We help them to create healthy habits so that they can make informed choices, problem solve conflicts that arise, and set attainable goals for a successful future.