Black History Month Activities

On Thursday, February 9th, the Leading Ladies Club hosted a FREE movie event for our Hawks in the lecture hall where they could watch the movie "Hidden Figures." 


On Friday, February 10th, various FAM (Forever A Movement) student leaders and staff members dressed up like a famous influential African Americans and hosted a Live Wax Museum for our Hawks in the Library during lunches. 

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On Thursday, February 16th, the Leading Ladies, Black Student Union, and Men's Club held an event for the culture in our lecture hall.  The show consisted of step teams from DE State, performance by our Hawk Cheer Team, music, art, culture, and fashion exhibits. It was an outstanding event! 

Special thanks goes out to Mrs. Ashley Jackson for spearheading this venture!

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Here are some photos from the event: 
cheer team  music  culture  culture  culture  culture  culture  culture  
Special thank you to Frank Hanson, Assistant Principal for getting involved and showcasing his fashion with our Hawks! 

During the final week in February our Hawks can participate in a variety of BHM Appreciation days.  See flyers for details...

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