StratoHawk 2022

The St. Georges Tech Aerospace Club meets every Tuesday after school from 3pm-4:30pm. They have been constructing and launching rockets, learning to fly and operate drones, and most recently completed a StratoHawk 2022 Project where they launched a high altitude balloon into the stratosphere to measure temperature, humidity, and altitude. 
Check out photos of the project here: 
strato    strato
learning   predicting
Aerospace Club working on constructing the payload and making their calculations and predictions on the ideal launch window for the StratoHawk2022. 
strato   helium
teamwork    balloon
gauge    computer
balloon   balloon
Our Hawks preparing the high altitude balloon for launch.
The payload StratoHawk 2022 launch:  "Science project of NO DANGER"
drone   drone
This is the first time we were able to film the launch with a DJI Mavic Air 2 drone operated by Jason Nguyen, Biotechnology Class of 2023. 

We want to say a HUGE thank you to two individuals who donated cameras for this project to our St. Georges Tech Aerospace Club.

Nick Colazzo donated a GoPro Hero 3 that we ultimately used in the project and he has offered the camera for our club to keep to use in future experiments. Vincent Kowal also donated an action sports camera for our Aerospace Club to use as a backup in case the other one didn't work. We really appreciate your generosity and support of our students! 

Check out the filmed footage here:

The filming begins with drone footage and then it transfers to the actual camera footage from inside the StratoHawk2022:


Congratulations to James Young, AutoTech Class of 2023, for doing incredible predictions on where our StratoHawk 2022 would land. Check out his predicted path (above) vs. actual path (below) for the 2022 StratoHawk!