College Signings

We were honored to celebrate 2 student athletes from the Class of 2022 who officially signed to continue their athletic career at the collegiate level. 
Mia Black, Nurse Technology, is going to play Field Hockey at Neumann University. She is going to pursue a degree in nursing and play the position of midfield for the Field Hockey team. 
Elijah Alexander, Culinary Arts, is going to play Football at The University of Maine. He is going to pursue a degree in Entrepreneurial Business and play the position of defensive end for the Football team. 
We could not be more proud of these student athletes and the hard work they have put in over the past 4 years at St. Georges Tech. We wish them both continued success in their future endeavors. 
Mia taking the mic to thank all those who have helped her along the way. 
Elijah taking a moment to thank everyone who has been a part of his journey. 
Mr. Robinson, Athletic Director, celebrating the achievements of Mia and Eli
Dr. Connor, Vice Principal, giving words of wisdom to our student athletes
Coach Bloch speaking on Mia's Field Hockey accomplishments
Coach Wilson congratulating Elijah on his achievements in football
Mia with her family at the athletic college signing ceremony
Elijah and family at college athletic signing ceremony